Welcome to online course “Quality Entrepreneurial Learning”.

Specific objectives of online course are:

  • To understand underlying values, principles and methodology of NFE in development of competences of young people and to understand the role of youth work in raising competences of young people needed for entering the world of work and employment;
  • To develop participants’ understanding and competencies in dealing with the discrepancy between today’s (global) labour market and formal education system;
  • To develop participants’ competencies in entrepreneurial learning for new era entrepreneurship;
  • To understand how youth work can help build relevant (soft)skills for dealing with ideas and opportunities, resources and action within entrepreneurship.
  • To understand the opportunity-centred entrepreneurship model and how to use it in practical youth work with unemployed youngsters.
  • To encourage creative thinking, as well as the stimulation of unemployed youngsters’ creativity during the youth work for entrepreneurship.
  • To explore the connection of youth work with, and its relevance for, emphasising the transformative component of entrepreneurial learning.
  • To learn about the process of career guidance and explore how youth workers can help unemployed youngsters throughout that process.
  • To equip participants with diverse online and offline tools and methods that could support their youth work endeavour for entrepreneurship of unemployed youngsters.

Online course is based on the approach, principles and methods of non-formal education and approach enriched with digital tools/methods. We used several methods in order to have the material as interesting as possible for participants.We used animated videos, videos hosting experienced trainers and participants of training course on this or similar topic, theoretical inputs, external documents and external link. After several sections we developed short quizzes in order to have you check your acquired knowledge. And don’t worry, these quizzes are not graded – we developed them in order to have participants self-evaluate their learning.There are also several tasks and activities for you to do in your local community, organisation, non-formal groups etc. Also we have opened comments section, in order to have participants share some questions and connect with other participants.

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