CNELL has extensive experience in working with local and EVS volunteers and coordinating different volunteer activities, as well as educational activities for unemployed citizens for raising their employability skills. CNELL is experienced in educating volunteers and empowering them.

CNELL has history of organising many educational projects and empowering other citizens’ organisations for development of different adult and NFE educational and volunteer programmes and has experience in consulting the establishment of volunteer centres all over the South East European region, especially in development of volunteer management system and providing regular support to volunteers and respective adult educators and youth workers. During our regular work, we have also mentored/trained other organisations and groups to be active, initiate and implement different volunteers’ and Erasmus+ projects on active citizenship and with marginalised groups in their communities. CNELL is experienced with coordinating different Erasmus+ projects and actions, and is one of the multiplying organisations in SEE for YiA programme within SALTO SEE RC, providing accreditors and trainers to EVS cycle (that SALTO SEE RC has been responsible for) and to the European Solidarity Corps programme and their beneficiaries in Balkans through the coordination of SALTO SEE RC.

With regards to the topic of entrepreneurship CNELL has experience over several years. Our organisation has been involved in different local, national and European level entrepreneurship programmes. We are doing additional regular activities on local level which include counselling of citizens (adults and youngsters) in their career planning, and education in general literacy / competences and employability skills useful for their further employment or entrepreneurship effort. In addition, we are organising trainings for adult educators and youth workers and other civil society organisations regarding the adult and non-formal education and inclusion, mainly. But, also on topics like organisational and project management, active European citizenship, leadership, strategic leadership and planning, intercultural dialogue and acceptance, training for trainers, etc.

Our activities in the Adult Learning and NFE are related to following topics:

  • Development of programmes, curriculums and tools connected to validation and certification of competences in Adult and NFE education;
  • Cross-sectoral cooperation and advocacy for recognition and better impact of adult and NFE education;
  • Implementation of the training programmes to empower professionals, educators, mentors, tutors and supervisors in adult learning, non-formal learning and youth work for better inclusion and (self-)employability in society;
  • We contribute to the Lifelong Learning of citizens by providing adult education courses, workshops and counselling, as well as providing further career counselling to them and promoting their further (adult) education in both formal and non-formal education within our other partners, also providers of adult education in Serbia (like Adult Education Society Serbia and others).

CNELL has an extensive experience in introducing new forms of management especially for mobility. For example, in lots of civil society organisations in Serbia there is serious problem with quality knowledge management, due to the fluctuation of staff, educators and coordinators from the organisations, so we started the programme of developing curriculums for trainings of volunteers, coordinators, employees, adult educators, youth workers and citizens/youngsters in different aspects important for the work and impact of civil society (organisations).

CNELL has experience in building and maintaining the online courses, mainly on the topics related to entrepreneurship.

CNELL brings valuable experience in entrepreneurship education and cooperation with business companies and managers, as well as funding institutions for citizens’ entrepreneurship. Also, as a centre for non-formal education and lifelong learning, we always strive to improve and adapt (new) adult and non-formal education methods and methodologies for better impact on our beneficiaries. Among our experts we have several psychologists, pedagogists and professors, who all have the needed formal education background and expertise in adult education and learning and experience in exploring and adapting new methodology within adult NFE.
We have 5 people regularly engaged as trainers/educators and project coordinators in the organisation, while our pool of experts counts 12 people.