This handbook is envisioned as an innovative publication with relevant topics useful for development of entrepreneurial mind-set of seniors and adults with fewer opportunities. The publication brings all up-to- date findings and descriptions of different core domains, characteristics, behaviours and skills that together form an entrepreneurial mind-set and drive action. It serves as a resource for adult educators when organising further education, training and mentoring of beneficiaries in changing their mind-sets and inspiring new era entrepreneurship.

The handbook covers all important and necessary topics related to the involvement of seniors and adult with fewer opportunities in entrepreneurial mind-set education and skill development. It is considered to be a unique all-in-one guide developed in cooperation with highly profiled experts in the field of entrepreneurship that are engaged in the project, adult education centres/institutions, the entrepreneurial companies, organisations and hubs, together with the expert entrepreneurship educators and adult educators and psychologists. All the engaged experts, are experienced in NFE and adult education for entrepreneurship, thus bringing a combination of strong expertise in the topic.

Considering the importance of working in a dynamic world, the innovative part of this handbook consists of detailed explanation of 21st century skills in developing entrepreneurial mind-set of adults with fewer opportunities. This includes up to date information on the needs of digital skills, media and literacy skills, innovation and creativity, critical thinking, as well as non-cognitive skills lying under the entrepreneurial mind-set development for seniors and adults.