This handbook is envisioned as an innovative resource for both youth workers and youngsters who want to learn more about starting-up social enterprises and based on the newest developments in the field. The guidebook, therefore, deals with important social entrepreneurship for sustainable future with less conflict topics, including vision, passion, emotional intelligence, negotiation and creativity. The guidebook does not deal and focus only on typical topics, such as development of business idea or creating communication plan, but it includes the most recent developments in the field of social entrepreneurship and green entrepreneurship, the new era entrepreneurship.

The handbook is designed in a way that is very practical and informative, thus serving as theoretical and conceptual resource for youth workers and other educators when organising further education, training and mentoring of youngsters in changing their mind-sets and inspiring them for social entrepreneurship start-up, as well as it is a quality resource for NEET youngsters and young women themselves when starting-up a social enterprise.

Serbian language version

Croatian language version