This guidebook with curriculum is innovative resource to educate, support and mentor adult educators (current and future ones) to further develop (online and offline) organisational culture, mentoring and education for seniors and adults with fewer opportunities in our communities on topic of Entrepreneurial learning, Intelligence, and mind-set development in line with the new era entrepreneurship. It comprises of two parts where the first part covers key concepts and recommendations of the related topics in the field of entrepreneurship for adult educators, while the second part consists of detailed development of sessions of an 8-day long training course. The key innovation aspect of this guidebook with curriculum is in the topics covered in the field of entrepreneurship, as it focuses on the new era entrepreneurship and intrapersonal aspects of entrepreneurial mind-set. Until now, the standard educational programmes in this field focused more into business plan design. Our guidebook with curriculum is especially designed on focusing on the entrepreneurial skills development in the modern era. As the curriculum is designed for educators in the field of entrepreneurship, there is a high possibility to make a significant impact in a wider community. The programme is especially designed to empower adult educators that work closely with seniors and adults with fewer opportunities who are interested to develop their career in the entrepreneurial world but do not have the needed access of information and updated methods and processes that are applicable nowadays to reach success.

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