Welcome to online course “Adapting existing enterprises to Digital Revolution”.

Specific objectives of online course are:

  • To empower youth workers and build their competences for development of NFE/youth work programmes for adapting traditional enterprises to Digital Revolution among youngsters (young women), beneficiaries in our communities
  • To share realities on and experiences with (un)employment and entrepreneurship among youth and of young women in particular in different European countries
  • To increase understanding of Digital Revolution and benefits of Digital Transformation
  • To increase competences for relations with Prosumers, customers changing behaviour in the Digital Economy
  • To develop knowledge on process and skills in digital tools for adaptation of traditional companies to Digital Revolution
  • To increase participants’ competences in Digital Strategy development

Online course is based on the approach, principles and methods of non-formal education and approach enriched with digital tools/methods. We used several methods in order to have the material as interesting as possible for participants.

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