Erasmus+ Youth in Action
“Youth trainings and trainers for employment”
01/10/2015 – 30/06/2016

Youth represent 38,5% of total unemployed population in EU. Unemployment implies lack of opportunities & is one of the causes of social exclusion. Youth mainstream/with fewer opportunities often lack necessary competences/experiences in order to enter or stay in labour market. NFE within youth work provides valuable learning experiences. There are different tools developed within European youth programmes to support recognition and transfer of these learning experiences into young people’s further studies or labour market, Youthpass being main instrument in this respect.

All partners in this project are dealing with NFE and empowering youngsters. Focus of the project is to empower youth trainers to develop/lead quality NFE programmes on youth employment and entrepreneurship in order to combat youth unemployment and exclusion. This project allowed focusing efforts of organisation on urgency of providing necessary competences to young people who were never employed and becoming a space where those who recently lost employment can maintain their competences and use them in the civic life.

The 10 days long training course “Youth trainings and trainers for employment” was the core activity of the project. It gathered 32 participants, trainers and staff members from 12 partner organisations from 11 countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, France, Slovakia, Belgium, Portugal, Slovenia). The training course was held in Novi Sad, Serbia from 1st till 10th December 2015 and it involved 17 people with fewer opportunities.
Objectives were:

  • Reflect & exchange realities about youth unemployment/entrepreneurship & existing youth work programmes
  • Discuss how NFE can positively influence better youth employability and share examples of good practices combating youth unemployment
  • Empower participants for active promotion of youth employment & for work on raising youth employability skills
  • Empower youth workers to become quality youth trainers of NFE activities for the (unemployed) youth in our communities
  • Encourage development of different education programmes for empowerment of unemployed youth in local communities
  • Present the Erasmus+ and encourage creation of future projects with unemployed youngsters

TC was based on pedagogical understanding of the CoE and EC Partnership Programme and our own expertise in youth NFE work for employment. As training materials, we used SALTO booklets, Compass, etc. TC followed NFE approach, principles and methods.

Project had biggest impact on direct beneficiaries-participants who further developed creative and analytical thinking of active citizenship for development of inclusive society through development of youth NFE activities with strong accent on entrepreneurship & employability skills of youth.

The total grant for this project was: 20.675,00 EUR.