City of Novi Sad – Local Action Plan implementation funding programme
“Youth for (self-)employment”
01/06/2012 – 31/12/2012

Main aim of the project is encouraging and empowering unemployed youngsters in the field of (social and private) entrepreneurship, employment and self-employment.

Objectives of the project were:

  • Increase of knowledge, skills and attitudes of unemployed youngsters about market research and placing ideas on market
  • Exploring own capabilities and potential of participants
  • Development of skills in presentation of oneself and own ideas (including: writing CVs and motivational letters and acing job interviews)
  • Directing participants towards future work on one selves through possible non-formal education and learning and competences that can be developed through projects of non-formal learning
  • Promotion of social entrepreneurship and youth initiatives

Project consisted of following activities:

  • Preparation meetings of the project team
  • Development of promotional flyers and posters
  • 3 series of 3 weekend trainings (“I want job!”; “I create job!”; “I have initiative!”)
  • Development of website
  • Evaluation and reporting

Total budget of the project: 580.000,00 RSD
Donation from City Novi Sad Budget: 223.500,00 RSD