Erasmus+ Youth in Action
“Young Women Entrepreneurs”
02/01/2017 – 30/11/2017

Motivation of partners in this project was to “equip” young women with set of skills needed to work on personal development in fields of learning, creating self-employment opportunities and sharing valuable skills among peers. In our communities/countries of the partners in this project, the stereotypes remain that the entrepreneurship is perceived as a masculine activity in masculine sectors. Our project tends to go beyond those stereotypes and discriminations in our communities and offer quality support for young women to start their enterprises. It is rather innovative in our communities, although at the level of the EU there are quite a few support mechanisms for female entrepreneurship. In our communities, unfortunately, there are no entrepreneurship empowerment centres for young women.

Overall project’s objectives:

  • Encourage active citizenship and develop sense of entrepreneurship of unemployed young women
  • Raise capacity of partner organisations and their youth workers for establishment empowerment centres and implementation of quality non-formal education and entrepreneurial learning activities for young women in our communities
  • Develop young women entrepreneurship empowerment centres and activities in our organisations and communities and thus to organise capacity building of young women in our communities
  • Evaluate the impact of the education/capacity building of our youth workers and the impact of the empowerment centres for capacity building of young women for entrepreneurship

Project’s activities were:

  • Preparation activities
  • Training course (Activity 1): „Young Women Entrepreneurship Empowerment Centres“ (9 days long; Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Homework – Establishing young women entrepreneurship empowerment centres & activities
  • Evaluation meeting (Activity 2): „Impact of entrepreneurial learning of young women in our empowerment centres” (7 days long; Zadar, Croatia)
  • Evaluation and dissemination activities

Project gathered 62 participants, trainers and staff from 9 organisations/countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, FYR Macedonia, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro). There were 26 participants with fewer opportunities.

Local communities of the partner organisations in this project benefitted thanks to establishment of the young women entrepreneurship empowerment centres and education workshops and programmes that are regularly held there. Project results in establishment of 9 empowerment centres of our 9 partners, with at least 10 different workshops / NFE activities (developed by participants during the project activities) that contributed to raising competences and capacities of young women for entrepreneurship.

The total grant for this project was: 38.531,00 EUR.