City of Novi Sad – Local Action Plan implementation funding programme
“Quality non-formal education with marginalised and sensitive groups”
01/09/2016 – 31/12/2016

This project had the aim to provide opportunities for youth from marginalised and sensitive groups to improve their competences useful for social inclusion, employment and personal development in general – through implementation of increased number of quality non-formal education activities with marginalised groups thanks to the better knowledge management and education of youth workers in youth (work) organisations.

By implementing the project from September to December 2016, we have organised following activities:

  • Production of the curriculum of the 10-day-long training course of youth workers, in line with the respective youth policies and recommendations of youth work for social inclusion;
  • Promotion of the curriculum in public and motivation of the youth workers for using it in future.

Total budget of the project: 466.600,00 RSD
Donation from City Novi Sad Budget: 150.000,00 RSD