Erasmus+ Youth in Action
“Independent Young Women in Digital Entrepreneurship Era”
15/08/2018 – 14/11/2019

Motivation of partners in this project is to “equip” young women with set of ICT skills needed to work on personal development in fields of creating self-employment opportunities and digital entrepreneurship.

This project is strategic continuation of the partners’ endeavours to empower young women for their (self-)employment and entrepreneurship. All partners have established young women entrepreneurship empowerment centres within their regular structure and programme. This project is building up on that and brings added value to the organisations and respective communities/countries.

Aim of the project was to build capacity of youth (work) organisations, their young women entrepreneurship empowerment centres on local level and their youth workers in competences for digital entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurial learning through youth work in our communities and on European level.

The project activities were:

  • Activity 1 – Preparatory meeting
  • Activity 2 – Training course1: “New Digital Enterprise Start-ups”
  • Output 1 – Curriculum of the TC1
  • Output 2 – Online course with the topics related to the TC1
  • Activity 3 – Training course2: “Adapting existing enterprises to Digital Revolution”
  • Output 3 – Curriculum of the TC2
  • Output 4 – Online course with the topics related to the TC2
  • Activity 4 – Training course3: “Digital marketing for all”
  • Output 5 – Curriculum of the TC3
  • Output 6 – Online course with the topics related to the TC3
  • Activities 5: Local dissemination events in 6 partner countries
  • Activity 6: Evaluation meeting
  • Reporting and Dissemination of results

Our project reached the expected impact on youth workers from our youth (work) organisations and local entrepreneurship empowerment centres for young women through training courses and curriculums, as well as directly on unemployed youngsters / young women through online courses and the enlarged support tools and mechanisms in their communities for youth digital entrepreneurship. Thus, more youngsters in communities have a chance to improve the competences and practice in using ICT tools for business development.

The total grant for this project was: 105.018,08 EUR.