Erasmus+ Youth in Action
“Inclusive employability and entrepreneurship youth work”
15/05/2018 – 14/12/2018

Ung Kraft / Youth Power from Sweden and CNELL from Serbia, together with additional 7 partners from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro and Czech Republic organised this project whose main activity was 8 days long training course. It was organised in Mali Idjos, Serbia from 14th till 22nd September 2018. Project gathered 31 participants, trainers and staff from those 9 organisations and countries.

Purpose of the project was to empower youth workers for being able to work on youth empowerment in order to combat youth unemployment and exclusion. The project and the training course was developed for youth workers willing to plan, prepare and organise different youth work and NFE activities for increasing employability and entrepreneurship skills of youth with fewer opportunities in our communities.

Project had biggest impact on direct beneficiaries – participants who further developed their skills in defining, planning, preparing, leading and evaluating quality inclusion and employability/entrepreneurship youth work activities of other youth workers and youngsters within their local centres and activities and European level projects. Also, there has been important impact on participating / partner organisations who all received trained people and got more capable and better equipped for developing of new local and European projects and partnerships for inclusion and youth employability and entrepreneurship.

The total grant for this project was: 20.200,00 EUR.