(Erasmus+) Youth in Action
“EU and European citizenship and youth work”
03/12/2013 – 17/05/2014

“EU and European citizenship and youth work” was 7-days long training course that was held from 11-19 March 2014 in Novi Sad, Serbia. Training course (TC) gathered 26 participants from 10 organisations from 10 countries (Serbia, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Turkey, Slovenia, Germany and United Kingdom).

The training course was developed for youth workers and trainers willing to plan, prepare and lead local workshops for youth about the European Union (that were also the main themes).

Objectives were:

  • Share experience regarding public awareness and influence of the EU and its values and policies) on our communities
  • Discuss history and purpose of the EU
  • Get overview of basics of EU politics and its legal system: EU law and treaties, subsidiarity and OMC, constitutional nature, Fundamental rights and values, Eurozone
  • Explore and raise awareness of the EU institutions
  • Discuss how being a member of the EU or being a (potential) candidate influences our countries
  • Discuss qualities of our youth work on local level and on European level, especially in relation to the EU
  • Understand how and what makes quality education for EU citizenship in youth work
  • Introduce EU programmes “Europe for Citizens” and “Erasmus+” and encourage development of new projects/European level cooperation

Project’s activities were: preparation activities (including the participants, venue and travel, etc.), the training course with active participation of participants and the evaluation of the participants and the partners, NFE activities for EU citizenship awareness raising, as follow-up activities.

The training course was based on the approach and principles of non-formal education and used a lot of insights from the SALTO booklets, EU policy documents and T-kits of the Partnership programme of EU and CoE. A combination of different creative and interactive methods was used and designed upon the profile of participants.

The amount of EU grant needed for this project was =13.050,15 EUR.