City of Novi Sad – Local Action Plan implementation funding programme
“Business of Youth of Serbia – at the beginning is important the support”
01/09/2015 – 31/12/2015

This project has been the continuation of the cooperation within the programme Business of Youth of Serbia with “Smart kolektiv”, Erste bank, UNESCO cathedra for studies of entrepreneurship of University in Novi Sad and regional partners (Centre for Non-Formal Education and Lifelong Learning – CNELL, Urban In, Eneka, Centre for sustainable development, Development Fund for Youth).
By implementing the project from September to December 2015, we have organised following activities:

  • Upgraded the learning platform for distance learning, on web platform of the programme Business of Youth of Serbia, in line with the recommendations of the users
  • Upgraded the curriculum of the five-day long interactive training course “Clarifying business ideas”, with materials for participants, in line with the recommendations of users
  • Informing, educating and mentoring future young entrepreneurs: 60 youngsters through the upgraded learning platform and 20 participants during the 5-day long training course for enterprise start-up
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Total budget of the project: 1.104.740,00 RSD
Donation from City Novi Sad Budget: 691.540,00 RSD