Jovana Škrijel
Pool of experts
  • Pool of experts

International youth trainer, educator and artivist – an activist who uses her artistic talents to struggle against injustice and oppression, merging commitment to justice and freedom with the pen, the lens, the voice, and imagination. Within her decade long engagement with youth development and education, she’s been focused on promoting active civic engagement in fostering community change and post-war healing. She has developed, led and coordinated a number of educational programs and creative campaigns, tackling the human rights related issues through art, experiential learning and audio-visual storytelling. In 2015, while trying to reflect upon various approaches to human rights education, she obtained the double master degree in Democracy and Human Rights in SEE. Since 2018 she has been a lecturer and PhD candidate at the University of Erfurt, Germany. Her academic research is yet another commitment to building the society of equals, within which she explores the relationship between storytelling and social imagination and their role in forging a culture of cosmopolitan solidarity.

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