Danijela Matorčević
Pool of experts
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Member of the Pool of experts of CNELL. Professor of Psychology, with professional experience in adult education and career guidance; Education advisor; Adult educator and Trainer of non-formal education activities for citizens, adult educators and youth workers in/for the association; Extensive experience in initiating, managing, leading and evaluating different Erasmus+ projects; Has held more than 250 international training courses, out of which at least 70 were about employment, (social) entrepreneurship and personal development with career planning. She has significant experience in various fields of business consulting and providing support for entrepreneurs in their start-up, especially in doing strategic planning and leadership, business plans, human resource management and corporate social responsibility. Besides holding training courses and mentorships, she is also active as author of dozen publications, mainly handbooks and curriculums for trainings on the topics of: Non-formal education; Active participation; European citizenship; Entrepreneurship; Social Inclusion; Intercultural learning and dialogue; etc. She is active as a member of the several pools of trainers of some international organisations, National Agencies for Erasmus+, as well as of SALTO SEE and Council of Europe, Directorate of Democratic Citizenship and Participation / Youth Department. (https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/toy/danijela-matorcevic-ex-juric.960/)